What is a Black Dollar?

In an earlier IG post comedian Jess Hilarious also known as “Jess with the Mess” posted a video in response to some backlash about her commentary on some hats that she had come across with the quote “BLACK DOLLARS MATTER”. The hat in question was the same style as the “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hats that were worn by Forty-Five and later by Kanye West who is also under scrutiny by the black community for saying “slavery was a choice”. Jess with the mess says that she does not like the hats and she believes they go against the Equality we are crying out for. She says that she has never seen a “black dollar” only green. Comments from the black community claim that she knows exactly what they mean when they say “Black Dollars Matter” and she shouldn’t knock the hats and should support how she is supported.

What is the black dollar? Is it
Black businesses? Is it black spending? Do you feel that black earned money needs to be spent only in the black community? So I went and searched “black dollars matter hats” and I did not come across the ones she showed in her IG video but came across another style, at the website https://bdmchallenge.com/ which has the “BLACK DOLLARS MATTER” as well as other styles to fit the woke and conscience community obsessed over the 90s black experience. While the styles spoke to me, is the black ______ matters, (feel free to fill in your own cause) becoming a marketing tool more than a movement? Is the current black movement all about the likes, or all about the love? Let’s Talk, hit me up in the comments and weigh in on your thoughts about her comments and how you view the current black experience. If you haven’t seen Jess Hilarious’s post in question you can see them below.