Martina Marie, the Songbird with Bars

Ivory Star

, Music

When you first look at Martina, you see a beautiful, petite, and seemingly well put together young lady. Then she opens her mouth and you hear a musical powerhouse who can belt out tunes and melodies and then, in the blink of an eye transforms to an artist with bars, punchlines, and metaphors that can rap circles around a lot of people’s favorite rappers. With viral songs and hot challenges Martina Marie is definitely riding the wave to greatness. I asked Ms. Martina who has been doing music, starting with poetry in junior high, when was her defining moment where she realized it was time to pursue a music career and her response was;

“3 years ago with the #sogonechallenge, I got a lot of good feedback and reactions and I figured if all of these people like it others will probably like it too. So why not pursue it when music is something I love.”

The challenge that gained the most popularity was her #theweekendchallenge the main chick’s very classy and boss-like response to the side chick, showing off her fun side and the ability to story tell with consistency. You can hear her love of music being expressed when I ask her questions about her favorite genre of music you hear the light in her voice as she names every genre of music and says;

“Even if i hear a country song and it’s catchy i’ll love that too, I just love music.”

Like any beautiful spirit her music making process starts with a mood. She hears a beat and searches for a feeling and begins to make her music based upon that. She gives much credit to her producer Roach who she says helps bring the greatness out of her and pushes her in the studio;“He is the only one I’ll work with and record with.” The hard work definitely pays off her song “Addiction” on SoundCloud is well on its way 200k streams. In This soulful ballad you hear the passion of the high that only comes from love and affection;

“I wrote the hook for Addiction but the verses are all off the top of my head.” “I can freestyle and battle rap but I’m not focused on those things, I am focused on my album. Even with the success of “Addiction”

Martina’s favorite song she has recorded so far is “Another Memory” also found on her SoundCloud where she can be heard declaring her independence from a toxic relationship. She definitely makes music women can relate to and shows off the strong and delicate sides of a woman. Martina who is also a Mother and Nurse has this to say about balancing work, a music career, and motherhood.

“It takes a lot of patience, I have to ignore a lot of nonsense and I have a wonderful support system.”

She is so humbled and grateful, when I asked her for three words to describe herself, she giggled at the idea of having to describe herself she doesn’t like to come off as cocky. So with help from her children’s father he described her as silly, smart, and beautiful. She added creative and loving. With those words it wasn’t surprising that her dream collaborations on her current list was Kehlani and Moneybagg Yo, showing her diversity. She doesn’t listen to many of what I call the drug culture rappers or mumble rappers but her current playlist does consist of SZA- “Garden (Say it Like Dat), Drake’s Scorpion album ( Elevate, In My Feelings), The Carters ( 713, FRIENDS, and BOSS). Other favorite artists include J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Lauryn Hill. Even though her playlist is filled with mainstream artists, Martina also appreciates talent from her hometown Toledo as well as her current location. Her favorite Toledo artists include Hannibal who she features with on the song “Fed-Up”, Rocky Duh and DeDe Porter. Toledo businesses she would like to acknowledge include her one stop glam shop “Keep It Queen” Boutique, “DB Cutz” Barbershop, Details by Sino and Lane Ridley car detailing. As far as new music, Martina Marie just dropped another single “Cold” and expects to be finished with her album in the Fall 2018. Make sure you show Martina some love on Soundcloud at Martina Marie, on Instagram @originalmartinamarie, and on Facebook as Martina Rogers.