Victor J Coleman Jr. of Flight School

Flight School is a metaphorical event that creates a shift in ones thinking, getting one to think at new heights, transforming thoughts into actions. Lets take Flight!
Personal Information:

God is the foundation that as a man I try to stand on. No one is perfect and I try never to prejudge others against my own successes/failures. I’m not religious but I do try to read my daily scripture with a little praise and worship to get my day going in the right direction.

As a father my children are my world and my encouragement. I had to turn my life around so I wouldn’t let them down and I must say I think they’re pretty proud of me as I am of them.

I’m an educated man on a mission to never stop learning. Masters degree is on deck and the Doctorates is near. This doesn’t mean I’m the smartest, it just means I understand that I don’t know everything.

I love the open road/traveling! I’ve been blessed to travel and see so many places but have so many more places I wanna see.