Chris Cali- Always Lifted, Always Learning

Spending his whole life listening to hip-hop, Chris Cali went from house party DJ to Concert promoter, Chris Cali is changing the scene for Toledo artists, visual and musical. As we wrap up the Summer and move into the fall we say goodbye to late night outdoor parties, hot days in the pool, shorts, and sandals. We now enter into hoodies, boots, holiday and bonfire season. Chris Cali started promoting parties with his very own birthday show Caliphest. In 2017 he introduced “Christmas in the Trap” which included artists such as Suave the Kyd, BLACK MARKT, DEFONIX, and himself. Fast forward to June 2, 2018 where Chris Cali presented the Summer Sound Series, One show each month, 10 artists each show, with a headliner and different flyer for each show. The Headliners for each show included:

• 6/2/2018 Volume 1- J-Met and NZIME
• 7/22/2018 Volume 2- Knightheart
• 8/18/2018 Volume 3- MACNOVA
• 9/8/2018 Volume 4- Abby Sarabia

Each show taking place inside of Ottawa Tavern, leaving room for artists to promote and sell merchandise, and a big enough stage for artists to move around with an atmosphere to move the crowd. Not long after the wrap up of Summer Sound Series, Chris jumped right in the preparations for his next concert series, Winter Warm-up. Same theme with 10 artists including a headliner and four shows altogether. This series will include 2 shows in November and 2 shows in December with each show having its own theme. The themes will be:

• 11/9/2018- Waiting On Wings II (mixtape release)
• 11/24/2018- Gallery at the Tavern (Visual Art Fest and Live Painting)
• 12/8/2018- Positive Mental Awareness
• 12/22/2018- Christmas in the Trap II

In a time where Toledo’s music scene has been mostly highlighted in bars and nightclubs, Chris Cali discloses that he would like to see hip-hop artists included in more Toledo events like Zombie Crawl and the Adams St. Block Party in Toledo’s downtown. In Chris’s shows artists perform free, even though there are tickets to sell at $5.00 per ticket, artists are not required to sell a certain amount or any in order to perform. Chris Cali’s goal by doing this is to hopefully generate more support for the artist community and provide a free flowing atmosphere for artists, eventually being able to do large park shows. As an artist himself, Chris understands how hard it is for break out artists to rally up support and put on a show. In his shows, a few of the artists experienced being on stage for the first time. Is there a lack of support of the arts in the Toledo community? Can Toledo artists come together as a collective and support each other’s talents? Make sure you check out the Winter Warm-up series and partake the different genres and styles Toledo has to offer. If you would like to check out Chris Cali’s music you can check it out on SoundCloud under Chris Cali 419.